Humans, Laptops, and Dogs

The founders; It's really more about who dictates the things we do; 
like scooping steaming poop from the cold earth with a non-insulatory baggie acting as a glove.
"I thought some remark or quote would look good here, but now that I'm quoting myself, it feels wrong."
I was born by the river, in a little tent, and like that river I've been running ever since. 

I was actually born in the relatively desertous area of Lubbock, Texas. But I do like to run. My parents crossed the state line from New Mexico just for the occasion (and sanitary hospital) and now I've got all the privilege of a native Texan! 

It was the summer of '98; I started playing the drums and designing stick-figure animations with Macromedia Flash. Those two interests grew in parallel, branching into new and more technical forms of creative expression for another 10 years or so. Neither interest wholly eclipsed the other until my university days had come to a close; I had a degree in advertising and I did not intend to continue sharing a single rented bathroom with two other gentlemen..

Year 2009 A.D. - the US economy was a dumpster fire, so naturally... we started a business. Literally having no idea what we were doing, after about 3 years of dark stabs and troubleshooting, our knowledge swelled to the point of a legitimate focus: helping startups secure VC investments.

My off-time interests include hiking, biking, running, gunning, drumming, singing, wood work, yard work, hard work, car work, long flights (actually these are terrible,but obviously the result is spectacular), sunblock application, and dog wrestling.
"I'm not nearly as quotable as my dog is. Sauf si vous voulez en français ou gujurati"
Got this cross-cultural identity thing going on: raised in an Indian household, with those Indians being British citizens that came over from Africa. I grew up at an American French school run by nuns. Yeah - things are complicated. 

My parents claim I wouldn't take naps because I'd rather draw stories on the living room walls. Luckily, I quickly realized my talents with Crayolas could turn into a creative profession where I break down genius' minds into easy-to-digest material. I've been playing with the early versions of Photoshop since I could make Backstreet Boys' posters (not to date me or anything). I didn't realize you could do this as a profession until university, where I swiftly learned that finances will follow passion.

Other than cuddling my puppy, I am still on a search to discover the next new island. Photographing my travels, experimental cooking, playing & following (real)football - Aston Villa & England's national team, and petting every animal I see are amongst my daily hobbies.
"One fine day in the spring of 2014, I leapt obliviously in front of some guy's car. Luckily it was the right guy, in a car with decent brakes."
After liberating myself from a neglectful captor on the east side of downtown, for many moons I wandered the streets. I acquired ticks, fleas, dirt, the lot. There were many things I saw and heard which I haven't the slightest idea how to recount to my human. However, even without a complete understanding of my history I think we're on the same page.

I have not yet discovered what kind of dog I am... or rather what breed. I know I am a "good girl". I suspect I'm very exotic, and surely that's why nobody knows. 

I'm fast as hell, kinda smart and super pretty, social yet bashful. I bark only when I should, I cuddle a bit more than I should, but I never stink or drool or cheat or steal. Barring references to my sleep-barking or off-leash street walking skills, I'm pretty much the perfect dog.
"I may be a naïve puppy, but I know everyone & everything should be cuddling me."
It wasn't until recently my humans told me I was a dog. I was born on a Texas farm surrounded by pigs, chickens, and horses. When mum & dad came to pick me up, I was doing my best to oink while I followed the matriarchal pig and fellow piglets around. 

According to my parents, I was an accidental blessing from a black lab & neighboring farm's sheepdog. They fell in love, but their humans were not impressed. Fortunately, my adopted dad saw me online, and it was love at first sight. 

Just like my work-wife Kilda, I get complimented on my mixed-breed looks pretty frequently (just won a BarkBox subscription for my cuteness), which helps us get out of trouble. I can dress to impress on the fly, and my intelligence is always a winner at any dog-friendly pub. Thanks for chatting, let's get to playing or cuddling. Follow my adventures to puppy fame on Instagram @stellachews.