SRECon 2018: Conference Presentation Design Before & After
Mum always says: don't go on stage looking like a fool! Ok, maybe she doesn't - but she probably tells you dress to impress for any important career event. The same holds true for conferences and pitches
Aleberry at Startup Week DC 2018
Come check out Gira (Desai) Wieczorek at 1776 on Tues, Sept 25th at 11am. We'll cover top-level content, fundraising strategy, and general design considerations with a few updates of latest trends from 2018.
Kickstarting the VC Fundraising Process
Let's face it; fundraising sucks when it's your first time (and pretty much every time). Picking an investor is like signing a lease with a significant other.’s 2017 Finest. Vote for us!
We’re stoked for another fantastic nomination by the DC tech community!
Aleberry at Baltimore Innovation Week 2017
If you are heading to Baltimore Innovation Week next week, come check out Gira Desai Wieczorek on the Start. Fund. Grow Panel alongside: Moss Amer (Maryland Venture Fund), Julia Spicer (Mid-Atlantic Venture Association), & David Wise (University System of Maryland)!
Limited Edition Harvey shirt benefiting RPM video!
Thanks to Black Swan Printing for doing such a kickass job with our designs (cool video of our designs placed onto shirts below)!
DC Inno’s 50 on Fire DC Winner!
So stoked to announce that we are officially winners of DC Inno’s 50 on Fire award in the DESIGN category! Looking at this dope list, it’s an honor to be named with amazing companies like Revolution Ventures, Cava, humble ventures, The Washington Post, and SO MANY OTHERS!
Rescued Pets Movement shirt Benefiting RPM’s Harvey efforts
We’ve been working with one of our favorite causes, Rescued Pets Movement, to do everything we can as they help the city’s animals.
DC Inno’s 2017 50 on Fire Nominees
Aleberry was nominated for DC Inno’s 2017 50 on Fire!
Aleberry at DC Startup Week!
Gira Desai Wieczorek will be speaking at DC Startup Week on creating pitch decks & other fundraising considerations. We’ll be covering top-level content, fundraising strategy, and general design considerations.
The Nature Conservancy: Migratory Blueways
Aleberry just finished the design & development of The Nature Conservancy: Migratory Blueways project (a grant-based project aimed to identify migratory “blueways” in the Gulf of Mexico & beyond to preserve marine species & improve the health of large marine ecosystems).
District of Dog
We just want to know what is nearby (since we’re on foot), and if they are legit dog friendly (or is it just a single picnic table “patio” on a sidewalk)? District of Dog aims to provide folks in The District a way to help each other out with this info.
Women Who Code DC: Hackathon
This weekend, Women Who Code​ DC is hosting a hackathon for women, by women! Gira Desai Wieczorek will be speaking Saturday on pitching & fundraising considerations. Sign up & get your company the started!
Rescued Pets Movement Celebrates 20,000 Saved! (And we helped!)
This month, our favorite non-profit organization is celebrating the fact that they have saved 20,000 dogs (and cats) from euthanasia and delivered them to their own forever homes!
Hey East Coast, We’re Coming For You!
On March 1st, we officially open our second office in Washington, D.C. We’re excited to be closer to our NYC / DC / Boston clients and make a positive impact in their tech communities.
Term Sheet Negotiations
This 53-minute video, uploaded by Stanford Graduate School of Business, highlights the key points of an example negotiation between a VC and an entrepreneur.
Intern at Aleberry
If you’re looking for an internship in the startup/ VC fundraising industry, we’ve got some great experience to pour on you. (3-6 months, unpaid, credit for school, opportunity to apply at end of term)
We’ve been squatting on this URL for over a year. Finally turned it into our first Aleberry Side-Op. More ops coming soon.
“The Best Way to Email a VC or CVC When Seeking Funding” - Andrew Romans, Rubicon Venture Capital
Good advice in bullet-form for our clients from Andrew Romans of Rubicon Venture Capital.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Aleberry’s talk on “Perceived Legitimacy: Fundraising Strategy”
Aleberry’s recent talk on the concept of Perceived Legitimacy during the fundraising process. The deck focuses on the importance of design to look the part & deck variations. This presentation accompanied other talks on specific pitch deck content.​​
Aleberry’s Weekly Reading: “Pitch the way VCs think: Presenting powerpoint with emotion” - Khosla Ventures
Khosla’s presentation integrates “bad examples” - most of which resemble the decks initially sent to us by clients - with basic rules VCs want to see. His advice includes many of Aleberry’s Startup Pitch Deck Rules that we reiterate to our clients:
Aleberry 2.0: new website, new adventures, streamlined focus
Every time we work on a deck, consult on pitch strategy, and help a client get funding, our eyes light up like a proud parent. It’s 2016, and we found ourselves.
Startup Pitch and Q&A with Houston Startup: ExpertKnowledge
ExpertKnowledge pitched in front of the local startup community and mentors at Houston's Startup Demo Day, a monthly startup showcase hosted by START,
Greater Houston Partnership - Houston: The City With No Limits Campaign
We designed a few infographics for this campaign, which we will show off over the few couple weeks. All items in the toolkit are available to share & promote Houston!
Clients Being Awesome: TicHelper featured on NPR
Our client TicHelper, an 8-week, family based program that teaches kids and their parents effective skills to manage tics, was recently featured on NPR.
Six Years: Design. Startups. Growing Up.
We’re so excited about what the past year has brought us. Not only have we matured in our design & company values, we’ve had the opportunity to help some amazing startups get branded & gain funding.
Link Love:
This site is the startup & tech version of “I saw [insert Top 40 band name] 3 years ago in a small club before they were big.”
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Project Insiders
Aleberry was fortunate to have one of our awesome clients accepted into SURGE 3 last year. Project Insiders is a Houston-based O&G SaaS-based platform that provides sales intelligence on large capital investment projects.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: 10Six
The pitch deck was designed to be an overview presentation that was sent to potential investors & clients. We started out with a pretty standard paragraphs-of-text on white background PowerPoint created by the founders.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Radiant UV
This week we want to showcase a startup taking engineering to another level: Radiant UV.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: Medical Informatics
We’re fortunate to work with one of these leaders, Medical Informatics, a software healthcare startup “Saving Lives, Bit by Bit."
Larson Skinner &
In the past year, Aleberry has been able to do design work for Larson Skinner, Attorneys at Law.
Pitch Deck Tuesday: AMS & Energizing Health
This week we want to showcase two sectors making big technology waves in this awesome city of Houston, TX: Energy & Healthcare. In the past few years, we’ve seen some amazing startups come out of Houston’s accelerators, hospitals, and universities.
Clients Being Awesome: BeautyNow receives funding from John Paul DeJoria
We are very excited for and proud of our client BeautyNow, who we recently wrote about on our first Pitch Deck Tuesday, just received funding from John Paul DeJoria (aka the man behind John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits)
Pitch Deck Tuesday: BeautyNow & Village Innovators
Aleberry Creative is excited to announce our new blog series, “Pitch Deck Tuesday”, where we will showcase a couple pitch decks we designed and helped strategize.
Reading This: “Marketing Authenticity: When Branding Gets Personal”
The Every Girl wrote a great article on the importance of authenticity in branding and marketing. This article exemplifies Aleberry’s process with branding when we design everything from logos to websites to pitch decks.
Care-All: Past, Presents & Future, by Black Sheep & Friends
We’re honored to be a part of the annual Care-All event by Black Sheep! This year’s event is benefiting Casa de Esperanza, so please bring a toy or book for admission.
Clients Being Awesome: “Two apps from Houston help with holiday shopping” - Houston Chronicle
Luckily, our clients have built apps to make the headache of gift giving much easier. Check out Checked Twice &, two companies making waves in the shopping-app and Houston startup scene.
Genisys Global: Logo Refresh
As an already established brand, Genisys Global required their new logo to be more of a refresh and update rather than a complete new design.
Gingersnaps ETC - New website launch
Aleberry Creative is honored to be a part of the website re-design & launch for Gingersnaps ETC, a Houston tradition and 100% volunteer-driven organization that serves The Center (another great client)!
“The Money of Color” - Atlantic
The Atlantic discusses the selection of Pantone’s color of the year and color trends in brands & fashion. It’s interesting to see the process and effects of color on branding.
“Wrapping up SURGE Class 3: SURGE DAY 2014” - via SURGE Accelerator
SURGE Accelerator & Class 3 Companies have been an amazing client & partner. We’re so excited to see our “kids” grow up and present tomorrow!
We’re FIVE! Join us at the 555 Bash.
We’re celebrating FIVE along with some of our favorite people, and we couldn’t have done it without you!
“How to Succeed in Design” by GlobalWrites
An intimate profile of our partners at Aleberry Creative, who learned that doing what you love is as easy as going ahead and doing it.
Houston Writeathon
This weekend Aleberry will be participating & “community sponsoring” the Houston Writeathon along with some of our other mates!
“Richard Branson on Growing Your Business by Building a Community” - Entrepreneur
Getting involved in volunteer efforts may help you to find customers and grow a business with deep roots in the community, which may be integral to its long-term success.
“Startups, this is how design works.”
Wells Riley has put together a great piece on the importance of design in startups. By touching on the differences between UI and UX, “Startups, this is how design works.” explains why “design is problem solving.”
Jakub Linowski compiled a list of User Interface best practices on The site is great and quick read for designers, marketers, and business owners. There are currently 32 “Ideas” displayed with visual do’s and do not’s that are easy to scroll through.
Aleberry at Tech Street Houston
Come hangout with us at Tech Street Houston this afternoon! We’ll be there for HATCH (as both a prize & proud community sponsor).
Congrats Cybele - Startup Weekend 1st place!
Congrats to team Cybele from Startup Weekend Houston (Nov 2013 edition)! Aleberry was honored to mentor & coach this startup team on Saturday. We knocked out a couple UI and app designs, along with some quick branding and logo design.
It’s that time of year again: Houston Startup Weekend!
This coming weekend, November 15-17, Aleberry will be coaching the Houston Startup Weekend teams on design & branding.
OwlSpark Debuts Inaugural Class
Thanks for the shoutout Startup Houston. We always love working with passionate people with great ideas!
Rebrand Taken to the Next Level
Aleberry Creative recently worked in collaboration with GlobalWrites on a rebranding project for Level 5 Consulting, based in D.C.
Hack Houston
Thanks to Hack Houston for featuring us on their Houston Entrepreneurial Resources! We’re honored to be part of & friends with the awesome entrepreneurial community that is Houston!
Comapony: A Misspelled Identity.
If you misspell “company” in an email thread with us, it’s going to lead to about 45 minutes of distraction.
Be Curious. Read Widely. Try New Things. What People Call Intelligence Just Boils Down To Curiosity. - Aaron Swartz
Pretty up your digital device in honor of Aaron Swartz. Be Curious. Read Widely. Try New Things. What People Call Intelligence Just Boils Down To Curiosity. - Aaron Swartz As always, designed with love by Coffee & Aleberry.
GrubSquad - Feeding Productivity Enthusiasts
Ogo, founder of GrubSquad, came to us with the need to create a visual identity and design work for various print and web media, including a responsive web design. We were provided with a color scheme and a target audience of “Productivity Enthusiasts”.
Aleberry featured in “Pinterest for Business” book
We received our first book mention! Aleberry Creative was mentioned in “Pinterest for Business”by Pearson publishing.
Engineering Without Borders Poster Design
A quick poster made for our Engineering Without Borders mates is hanging at their Rwandan orphanage. Love this & love the cause :)
We’re Hiring! Jr. Graphic Designer (Houston)
We’re hiring! Aleberry Creative is looking for a part-time Junior Graphic Designer to help with overflow work. Projects will include both print & web, so an eye for typography, layout and UI/UX is a must.
Startup Weekend Houston
Last weekend Aleberry had the opportunity to participate in Startup Weekend Houston as Design Mentors. Two teams we worked closely with were QrowdSurf (venue merchandise service) & (a tips app).
The Bridge School Web Design - Before & After
The Bridge School offers flexible online curriculum for middle & high school students. Their mission “is to enable students to become self-motivated, independent learners.” It’s a great option for students who need an alternative to traditional schools.
Featured on HOW magazine’s Top 10
Aleberry Creative Group has been featured on their “Top 10 Websites for Designers” for this coming month (June 2012).
ABCG Turns Three!
We’re growing up! This month, Aleberry Creative Group turned three years old. We’ve had an exciting year full of new clients, projects, and being featured by Adobe! Aleberry designed on newer platforms, including designing reports in Word, and focused on becoming more involved
Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages
As a brand, it’s important to maintain a consistent visual identity across all media platforms. What’s great about the new cover feature is it allows you to do just that. Your company can tell their story in a visually interesting way at the top of the page.
Our blog + Adobe Muse
We have been receiving quite a few emails asking us how we setup a blog on our Adobe Muse site. Unfortunately, we can’t give many of you Musers-to-be the easy step-by-step answer you were hoping for. We actually had a fantastic developer (DesignBigger) help us with this.
Les Champagnes de Vignerons - event flyers
UBIFRANCE (the French Trade Commission) contacted us to design print media for a couple upcoming events. Les Champagnes de Vignerons hosts trade-only events for buyers across the United States.
ABCG picked by Meghan Thome
We love when our hard work is appreciated. Earlier this week, a student’s blog picked us as SITE ONE on her source of webdesign inspiration. Very cool.
Courtney Cachet - Fabulous Lives Here.
Courtney Cachet is an internationally known designer whose clientele include A-list celebrities, NBC, Huffington Post, Rachel Zoe, and many others. When she’s not working with celebrities and media, she is designing her furniture, jewelry, and electronic accessories lines.
Aleberry + Adobe Muse Showcased!
We were lucky enough to snag a beta of this and work with the people at Adobe to create our new website and tweak some things along the way. Adobe Muse is now available in public beta. Our new website is currently showcased on the official Muse site.
Quoted in: "Righting the Ship With Tough Web Design Clients"
Gira quoted in a useful article on handling web clients. Some good information for those starting out.
Aleberry + Adobe at HOW Conference!
Our new website ( will be featured during this session. We’re excited, and would like to thank the Adobe team for everything they’ve done for the creative community in the past (almost) 30 years.
New Year, New Site. Better Client Resources.
A couple weeks ago, we celebrated another year of Aleberry design! We are excited to celebrate with the launch of a new site & new company features. (same name, better site)! Our site is non-Flash, and viewable on iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices.
Sugar Daze Cupcakes: Video
We love when our clients get featured. Check out logo treatment for our Sugar Daze Cupcakes logo at end Be Street ICE Shop at Mess Around Paris - Porte de Versailles.
Aleberry Creative uses bold colors and graphics, reminiscent of block printing to highlight their content. The fingerprint pattern background is unique and striking, as well as the animated loading graphic.
Sometimes it’s ok to say NO.
Every now and then you may come across clients you wish you had said no to from the beginning. Yes, you may have needed the money or project at the time, but you quickly came to realize that the amount of time, headaches, and discourse
Wicked Shirts, Random Designers
If you like creative / clever t-shirt designs (and you likely do) this is for you.
Design a logo like you would a knot.
I like to make analogies whenever possible because they’re usually a great way to make sure people understand what I’m saying. Actually, half of the analogies I make are to help myself remember whatever idea I need to keep following. The logo/knot one is both.
Motion by Design
UK based designer Simon C. Page, recently released a set of album covers inspired by the music they represent. They’re pretty wicked and demonstrate his broad range of styles. You can browse through the whole collection on his Flickr here . The cover designed for The Avalanches’
Spec Work & Crowdsourcing, what’s the big deal?
Aleberry Creative’s first article / contribution to Ugly Baby Magazine!
Aleberry Creative has officially moved to Houston, TX as of Saturday!