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In a world where time & space are not infinite: Pitch Presentations
A general script is written, but needs help with language and content flow prior to getting the final presentation together. 

We take your notes, whether in bullet points or whatever format, and clean it up. We will find the holes in your argument, cut out unnecessary content (and vice versa), re-write and re-organize your text. 

If you just have a topic, and aren't sure about what content to include, we'll help you write a script from scratch.
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Content Strategy


You have all the content, now we make it look good.
Once your content is solid, we can get cranking on the final product!

We'll take the organized content / presentation outline, create a theme, and custom graphics to match your content for each slide to suit your audience and form an attractive, easy to understand presentation.

If you're planning on sending this thing out over that newfangled interweb, we'll make it much easier with a scroll-able responsive website rendition.
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Presentation & Pitch Deck


We already made all the graphics, let's take advantage.
Would you rather download and open a PPT/PDF attachment or scroll through a website?

Heaps of first impressions are made by clicking links from the inbox on your phone; this takes that into account, removing as many hurdles as possible between your presentation and your target.

Unlike building a website from scratch, we already have the contents, layouts, and graphics... that's like 80% of the work. These "websites" crank out in no time.
What Happens Next
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Pitch Deck & Presentations


Elastic waistband, or tailored fit?
You have a great presentation already,  that should be enough to get a meeting with a big fish.

Rather than hoping they like it the same as the analyst that dropped it on their desk, we'll research what they definitely like to see and hear, then adjust your presentation to include or exclude those contents.  

Everyone likes a personal touch. Nobody wants to be caught going out in elastic waist pants.
Let's get funded
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising


Picking an investor is like signing a lease with a significant other.
At the end of the day, your presentation can look swanky and say all the right things, but that's irrelevant if the wrong people (or no one) sees it.

Fundraising sucks when it's your first time. If you aren't grown up yet (i.e. Pre-Seed - Series A) and are new to the startup world, chances are you're lacking experience in this area.

Like any good parent, we'll never leave you hanging. We'll be your advisor through the process of due diligence and securing your next round.
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Investor Relations