Step 1: be attractive
Step 2: don't be unattractive
Your website is practically your face, but you can't blame your parents for the way it looks.


Get Sh*t Done efficiently.
Asking an architect to build you a house without specifying any of the details will result in wasted time & out-of-budget misery; your project should start with a plan.

We'll assess your project goals & requirements and provide a complete scope with Aleberry approved recommendations.

You'll leave with a full project plan, timelines, tech specs, sitemap, content recommendations, and any other details to consider.

Once your assessment is complete, and no questions remain - we'll dive into content.
What Happens Next
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Assessment


Too little, too much, too... lame? If it ain't right, we'll let you know.
Content is queen, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Is your content hurting or helping the intent of the website? Is it appealing to the folks that matter?

Sometimes it takes an outsider (or just not your mom) to tell you how it is. Getting another set of eyes on grammar and content organization, or recommendations on what you should include or remove helps everyone.

Once your content is out of the oven, we'll kickoff the good stuff.
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Content


There are no tenets about the gravity of second impressions.
First impressions are everything. You don't wear cutoff shorts and flipflops to an interview -because you're there to be judged. Why would you make that judgement-laden first contact with prospective clients & investors via a crappy website?

We'll take everything we learned from your needs assessment & content, and with their powers combined - form a lovely fully-functioning website.

Obviously it's 2019.  A website without responsive design is pretty much immediately rendered a janky crap-fest. Rest assured your website will work across all devices and look good doing it.

Now that all preparations are complete, the launch button beckons.
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising Website Design & Development


Live free, and beauty surrounds you...
Like parents finally sending their kid off to college (if kids could be sent to college before their first birthday), your project is fit for public consumption. Let it be free to realize its potential!

Lucky for this kid, we'll make sure everything works just right in a private, shareable staging site before it actually goes live. Once you give it the seal of approval, it's ready to launch at your command.

Since we'll always be one of your parents, feel free to call home for that nostalgic chicken parm recipe or ongoing & additional support.
Design Outside of the Website
Aleberry | Startup Fundraising