Reading This: “Marketing Authenticity: When Branding Gets Personal”

The Every Girl wrote a great article on the importance of authenticity in branding and marketing. 

This article exemplifies Aleberry’s process with branding when we design everything from logos to websites to pitch decks. 

It’s a good read if you are a business owner. Much of the article includes questions we ask every client before we begin our design process.

The real you is where passion happens. It’s where progress happens. It’s where compassion and truth and adventure happen. You cannot get to those places without being authentic, and thanks to what’s happening in marketing right now, hopefully the fakers won’t have much time left. “

The challenge is to dig deep back into the soul of your client, remember who they are, remember what they bring to their customer, and to extend that story in a way that is new and exciting. There are no short cuts. You are a no longer a manufacturer of consent. You are a cultivator of truth.”

Read the full manifesto »

Clients Being Awesome: “Two apps from Houston help with holiday shopping” – Houston Chronicle

It’s that time of year: holiday list making & buying for all those lovely people in your life. (Hello Black Friday, Gray Thursday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Super Saturday)

Luckily, our clients have built apps to make the headache of gift giving much easier.

Check out Checked Twice &, two companies making waves in the shopping-app and Houston startup scene. 

With Checked Twice, you can create & share wishlists with family & friends from around the web. Think Amazon Wishlist meets Pinterest meets Family Organization and No More Duplicate Gifts! 

WorthIt.Co is a name your price app that allows you to track products and name a price. Once the product hits your price or below on any of their 1000+ sites, notifies you! 

Buy the right gifts at the right price. Trust us, your lives will be so much better this holiday season! 

Read the full article »

Care-All: Past, Presents & Future, by Black Sheep & Friends

We’re honored to be a part of the annual Care-All event by Black Sheep!

This year’s event is benefiting Casa de Esperanza, so please bring a toy or book for admission.

RSVP Here!

Genisys Global: Logo Refresh

We recently worked with our partners over at Marketing Refresh to help Genisys Global, an IT company, transition to a more updated visual identity.

As an already established brand, Genisys Global required their new logo to be more of a refresh and update rather than a complete new design.

The logo needed to maintain the circle icon & blue color, while looking clean and professional. With an updated icon and color scheme, Genisys Global has a more up to date look and feel to match their company’s values.

Check out the before & after logo design:




Thanks for another great project Marketing Refresh!

Gingersnaps ETC – New website launch

Aleberry Creative is honored to be a part of the website re-design & launch for Gingersnaps ETC, a Houston tradition and 100% volunteer-driven organization that serves The Center (another great client)!

Along with Marketing Refresh, Comal Productions and Gingersnaps ETC founders BZ & Alicia Lee, we designed a more efficient, responsive, and user-friendly website and checkout experience.

The re-design showcases the hard work of the volunteers, maintains the classic Gingersnaps branding, and showcases elements of the unique tin-making process.

For those of you who are not familiar with this Houston tradition, Gingersnaps ETC started in the kitchen of Alicia Lee, who volunteered with Barbara & George H. Bush. With the recommendation of Barbra Bush, Alicia quickly expanded the project into the kitchen of The Center. 

Each tin has a unique story and handcrafted element that makes it a great holiday (& year round) gift. All proceeds go to the 600 adults with developmental disabilities served by The Center.

Since it’s inception, Gingersnaps has contributed over $2 million to The Center. Keep the tradition going, and pick up a few tins for the upcoming holiday season!



"The Money of Color" – Atlantic

The Atlantic discusses the selection of Pantone’s color of the year and color trends in brands & fashion. It’s interesting to see the process and effects of color on branding.

"…branding, more subtly, uses color to its advantage, and the fingerprints of Pantone’s obsession with forecasting can be spotted on everything from Tiffany’s to Starbucks. Color helps to forge some strikingly firm mental associations: Republicans are red, Democrats blue. Mention pink, and many will think of the bubblegum hue of breast cancer’s ribbons. In fact, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has so successfully tied itself to the color pink that several other campaigns against diseases have adopted their own colors.”

Read more: The Atlantic

"Wrapping up SURGE Class 3: SURGE DAY 2014" – via SURGE Accelerator

SURGE Accelerator & Class 3 Companies have been an amazing client & partner. We’re so excited to see our “kids” grow up and present tomorrow!

We hope you can make it and check out our pitch deck designs (along with some new rebranding & startup marketing and design materials.

These companies are amazing & solving real problems in the industry. Congrats to all 11 companies; you’ve been awesome to work with!

Check out some of the companies from Class 3: "Wrapping up SURGE Class 3: SURGE DAY 2014"

We’re FIVE! Join us at the 555 Bash.

We’re celebrating FIVE along with some of our favorite people, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Whether you’re a community supporter, family supporter (thanks mum & dad!), or client past & present, we’d love to see you!

RSVP + Details below:


Bouncing PixelAleberry Creative, & January Advisors

(beer provided by our favorite local brew: Buffalo Bayou Brewery

"How to Succeed in Design" by GlobalWrites

An intimate profile of our partners at Aleberry Creative, who learned that doing what you love is as easy as going ahead and doing it.

Thanks for the great write-up by Sarah at GlobalWrites on Aleberry’s design success and philosophy!

"How to Succeed in Design" - GlobalWrites

Houston Writeathon

This weekend Aleberry will be participating & “community sponsoring” the Houston Writeathon along with some of our other mates!

On Saturday, writers, designers, data nerds, and civil servants will come together to improve government communication starting with our own beloved city!

RSVP here to be part of the awesomeness and help make a difference in the community:

*Oh and did we mention there’s a notebook bar! Amazing!*

Thanks to Open Houston for providing a few resources, tools, and sample projects: 

If you’re into data visualizations or infographics, here are some tools that you can use:

You can work your own ideas, or you can pick from this growing list of sample projects:

Open Houston will keep adding to this list as the event approaches, so be sure to check back!