Greater Houston Partnership – Houston: The City With No Limits Campaign

Houston, Texas – Aleberry’s first love and the nation’s hidden gem. 

It’s no secret that Houston has received some pretty great press recently (from our Mayor on Colbert, to being named Coolest City, and all our amazing awards for diversity in food & drinks).

The Greater Houston Partnership wants to show off all the city has to offer in a new campaign to promote Houston and attract new talent.

Aleberry is excited to be part of the GHP’s Talent Attraction Initiative and the City of Houston’s image campaign. 

We designed a few infographics for this campaign, which we will show off over the few couple weeks. All items in the toolkit are available to share & promote Houston!

Kicking off the campaign’s toolkit is Life in Houston: The City With No Limits.

Check out the full toolkit here (Download and Share!): 

Houston: The City with No Limits.

Clients Being Awesome: TicHelper featured on NPR

Our client TicHelper, an 8-week, family based program that teaches kids and their parents effective skills to manage tics, was recently featured on NPR.

Congrats to our client PsycTech and partner-in-crime on this project Bouncing Pixel

Read the full article here:  For Kids With Tourette’s, At-Home Training Could Help

Six Years: Design. Startups. Growing Up.

A couple months ago, Aleberry turned SIX! We’re growing up (& growing the Aleberry family). 

We’re so excited about what the past year has brought us. Not only have we matured in our design & company values, we’ve had the opportunity to help some amazing startups get branded & gain funding.

Here’s a brief look on what the last 6 years have brought to Aleberry:

  • 110+ Startups (& many non-startup clients).
  • 70+ Pitch & Investor Decks (paired with quite a few strategy sessions).
  • Our clients have received over $75MM in funding.
  • We also gained TWO new puppies, and MANY awesome friendships

On that note, we are planning a very special event to celebrate. More details to come soon, but you can fully expect it will involve puppies, beer, and startups.

HUGE thank you to our wonderful & successful entrepreneur clients and friends.

Here’s to many more years of doing what we love & working on projects we believe in.

P.S. We’re expanding and looking for designers, copywriters, developers, and more. Email with resumes & portfolios.

Link Love:

This site is the startup & tech version of “I saw [insert Top 40 band name] 3 years ago in a small club before they were big.”

Not only is for lovers of innovation, productivity hackers, and beta test hoarders, it’s a great site for pre-launch startups to get some buzz & PR.

Sign up your startup. Subscribe to their Newsletter. Feedly it. You’re guaranteed to look extra trendy in front of your friends.

Pitch Deck Tuesday: Project Insiders

Aleberry was fortunate to have one of our awesome clients accepted into SURGE 3 last year.

Project Insiders is a Houston-based O&G SaaS-based platform that provides sales intelligence on large capital investment projects.

This week’s Pitch Deck Tuesday was designed for Project Insider’s big presentation at SURGE Day 2014. Kenley rocked the stage & we are so excited for their continued success.

Check out their demo day pitch deck:

Project Insiders - SURGE Day Pitch Deck


Aleberry Creative, LLC

Pitch Deck Tuesday: 10Six

This week on Pitch Deck Tuesday, Aleberry is showing some love to one of the awesome companies we worked with in SURGE 3, 10Six.

The pitch deck was designed to be an overview presentation that was sent to potential investors & clients. We started out with a pretty standard paragraphs-of-text on white background PowerPoint created by the founders. The goal was to visually explain the pretty complicated concept of the grid & its current problems, and of course end with why 10Six was the perfect solution for this.

Check out the deck! We’ll show off the SURGE Day 10Six presentation shortly!

10Six Overview Pitch Deck


Aleberry Creative, LLC

"10Six is a software company that developed quantitative trading algorithms for aggregating and operating battery energy storage.

The company was part of the SURGE accelerator class of 2014.

The company sold to Aerea Digital Energy Resources in the Fall of 2014.

Pitch Deck Tuesday: Big Delta Systems & Radiant UV

This week we want to showcase two startups taking engineering to another level: Big Delta Systems & Radiant UV. 

Both presentations were designed by Aleberry Creative for large demo days and to help these companies tell a story & show just how revolutionary their technologies are.


Big Delta Systems - Pitch Deck


Aleberry Creative

Aleberry Creative created this pitch deck for Big Delta Systems’ OwlSpark Demo Day (part of the 1st Annual Bayou Startup Showcase). We wanted to maintain brand consistency with BDS’ logo while also explaining how their revolutionary technology works.

"Big Delta Systems is an early-stage company based in Houston, Texas developing innovative manufacturing processes for the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. These patent-pending processes allow enhanced battery performance due to improved cell designs, and was first invented by two of the co-founders during their PhD at Rice University. With a motivated team of individuals, a diverse set of skills, and a supportive network of advisors and mentors, Big Delta Systems will seek strategic partners to rapidly commercialize its technology."


Radiant UV - Pitch Deck


Aleberry Creative

Aleberry Creative created this pitch deck for Radiant UV to present at various demo days. Because Radiant UV is an established company, our process began with re-working the design & strategy of a basic content-heavy & corporate presentation. Our goal was to take this presentation and create a deck that visually tells their story and introduces the importance of Radiant UV’s technology.

"Radiant Industrial Solutions is the leading technology provider of Ultraviolet and disinfection technologies for commercial and industrial markets!

Radiant is proud to offer solutions through equipment and service to disinfection, curing, and ultraviolet applications. From Engineering, parts, and service we have a ultraviolet, filtration, or other technology solution for your needs. Radiant Industrial Solutions has been providing Ultraviolet, Ozone, and Filtration solutions since 1989.”

Pitch Deck Tuesday: Medical Informatics

The healthcare startup community is kicking butt in Houston, Texas. We’re so proud of some of the leaders and early tech companies who have paved the way in the last few years.

We’re fortunate to work with one of these leaders, Medical Informatics, a software healthcare startup “Saving Lives, Bit by Bit.” 

We first met Medical Informatics during OwlSpark’s inaugural class; shortly after they came to us to design an investor deck that illustrates their software & shows just how necessary their Sickbay platform is.

"Medical Informatics solutions give care teams access to the data needed to take action for alarm management and safety. Nurses are flooded with hundreds of alarms from patient monitoring devices during just one shift, and as a result they are frequently at risk to miss high priority alarms.

Our Sickbay software platform enables continuous data collection from a comprehensive set of devices, and our team works collaboratively with your Alarm Steering Committee to create targeted solutions that minimize risk and allow care teams to focus on “actionable alarms.”

Ultimately, our Alarm Management Solutions reduce alarm noise at the patient level, send the right alarms to care providers, and satisfy Joint Commission 2014 and 2016 NPSG.”

Pitch Deck Tuesday: AMS & Energizing Health

This week we want to showcase two sectors making big technology waves in this awesome city of Houston, TX: Energy & Healthcare. In the past few years, we’ve seen some amazing startups come out of Houston’s accelerators, hospitals, and universities.


AMS: Autonomous Marine Systems


Aleberry Creative

AMS or Autonomous Marine Systems was part of SURGE Ventures, a Houston-based leading seed fund and mentor-driven accelerator that identifies, invests in, and enables entrepreneurs who are solving the world’s energy problems.. 

"AMS is a marine data services company based in the USA. Using fleets of sailing drones, AMS collects and transmits hydrographic data across the surface of the globe. The world’s first self-righting catamaran (dubbed the Datamaran) is the backbone of AMS’ network. The Datamaran offers a combination of cost savings, performance, reliability, and networking capabilities unmatched by any other vehicle on the planet."

Aleberry has had the honor of working with SURGE for a couple years, and we’re getting ready for SURGE 4 (next week!). We love these guys and the amazing companies they are constantly nurturing. For Aleberry, SURGE Day always feels like watching our children graduate college — completely ridiculous, but it really is a family.

For presentation designs during SURGE’s Demo Day, “SURGE DAY”, we design the pitch decks to visually tell a story as the company speaks to a room of investors, corporate clients, and mentors. 

Because SURGE produces some pretty high-end tech companies, many of the decks need to explain the technology and problem with visual aids. Most of our strategy involves taking the really complex formulas & technologies in these engineers minds and breaking it down in an easy to understand way.


Energizing Health (Houston, TX)


Aleberry Creative

Energizing Health is a healthcare conference & showcase in Houston, TX.

"25 digital health entrepreneurs pitch their disruptive health innovations to the member institutions of the world’s largest medical center and to a NASA funded research institute. Innovators will be presenting to executives from MD Anderson, Texas Children’s Hospital, Memorial Hermann, Methodist Hospital, Harris Health System, and to the NASA funded National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI)."

Aleberry’s approach to Energizing Health’s presentation design & strategy was closer to a corporate & conference look and feel rather than a TEDx / Pitch Day style.

This conference’s presentation design is more minimal and focuses on introducing various speakers throughout the day. We wanted the design to integrate the new TMC (Texas Medical Center) facilities in Houston and show off all the great sponsors.

Each Pitch Deck Tuesday will showcase a startup, discuss our process with both storytelling and presentation strategy, and showcase a few of our pitch deck or investor deck designs.